It’s amazing how many little crushes we go through in life. I can go on forever about the different crushes I had, but I will keep it short.

I had my first crush in Elementary school. He didn’t really talk to me. Probably because I was dorky. I don’t blame him, I probably wouldn’t like myself then either, hehe. Anyway, I had forgotten him quickly once I was in Junior High. That elementary crush was replaced with another.

There was this boy who I always saw in the hallways in between classes. We never had any classes together unfortunately. After a few times, we locked eye contact. It continued. Day. After. Day.

It was so odd but so good. In fact, it was addicting. To know that someone also “sees” you, possibly the same way, is such a euphoric feeling.

I told one of my friends about him, and she said he’s in one of her classes! They must have talked or something, because around Christmas time, he had my friend give me a GIFT!

It was a small navy jewelry box. The kind you find at a Walmart jewelry section. I opened it and a pair of small, cute cz stud earrings were staring at me! I was so surprised and shocked I didn’t know what to do. Growing up, my mother always told us not to accept gifts from strangers. Additionally, I had never gotten a gift from a boy before! Not to mention a boy I had a huge crush on! I was unquestionably flattered.

However, I gave it back to him the next day. He refused to take it back, but I just left it there where he was standing. He was confused and hurt probably. He took it back, and never really looked at me the same way again. Every time when we see each other, I would see a confused look on his face.

Thinking back about it, I was so stupid. Who’s stupid enough to refuse a gift from a crush!? It was ridiculous. I occasionally wonder what would have happened with this crush if I had accepted his gift. I would probably be looking all sparkly the next morning with those studs on walking through the hallways and glaring at him. Hehehe. It was unfortunate that this crush was short-lived.

I've had many crushes after, where I just stared from the distance. Now that I am older, I would just go and ask them out. Rejection is not a bad thing, and I've learned to be ok with it.

So many crushes along the way, in this path we call Life. Nevertheless, as you grow older, crushes are kind of a thing of the past. At least for me anyway.

When I was young...